Dog owners have a lot of responsibilities to fill in while their furbaby is growing up. Aside from continuously providing care for your pet around the clock, it is also critical to take a lot of planning and decisions when taking care of a dog. Here are ten responsibilities of a current or prospective dog owner.
Your Responsibilities as a Dog Parent

  Thu, Sep 16, 2021 11:55 PM

We all know dogs as a man’s best friend and there are good reasons for that. For most people, dogs have become their companions for a lifetime, through thick and thin, through ups and downs. Aside from being a man’s best friend, many people consider dogs as a major part of the family, that’s why dog owners are also called “pet parents”.

As a parent, dog owners have a lot of responsibilities to fill in while their furbaby is growing up. Aside from continuously providing care for your pet around the clock, it is also critical to take a lot of planning and decisions when taking care of a dog. Here are ten responsibilities of a dog owner or a prospective dog owner.

  1. Always be updated with their vaccinations

Like humans, dogs can get sick and suffer from diseases too, and the most effective way to prevent your dog from a handful of diseases is through vaccination. It is essential to check with your veterinarian whether your dog has all the vaccinations required, as legality speaking, each state and county will require specific vaccines.

  1. Dog-proof your home

Dogs are very curious about their surroundings and they would sniff and lick anything they reach to satisfy their curiosity. This includes chemicals and cleaners that may be laying around an open cabinet or a poisonous plant that you may not know can be dangerous for dogs.

It is a pet owner’s responsibility to protect dogs from these harms and the most obvious way to do it is by storing these harmful substances and objects in out-of-reach places, such as up above the cupboard or inside a storage box with a lid.

  1. Exercise

Although your furbaby might already be a very energetic and active dog, they still need to do proper exercises. It can come in the form of walks, playtime, or maybe a combination of both — as long as they are getting those muscles moving. Exercise will not only develop your dog’s physical body but will also improve its mental abilities as well.

  1. Proper nutrition

Of course, the combination of exercise and a healthy diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. And with all the available dog food to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to select which to feed your dog daily. Remember that the most expensive dog food does not necessarily mean it has the most nutrition. It is best to coordinate with your veterinarian and ask for recommended dog foods for your furbaby.

On the other hand, you can supplement dog food with food items that humans also eat, such as veggies (broccoli, spinach, green beans), chicken eggs, and lean meat.

  1. Bathing and grooming

Most dogs see bathing as a scary experience but they don’t have a choice, do they? Maintaining your dog’s hygiene is important as a dirty dog will have higher risks of bacterial infection and other diseases. Maintaining hygiene includes giving a bath, trimming the nails, brushing the teeth, and brushing their coat.

Check out our previous article on how to properly give your dog a bath without the mess!

  1. Train them

From potty training to sit-and-stay, there are a lot of things that your dogs need to learn and it is a pet parent’s responsibility to train them because they will not be able to learn it by themselves. Training builds the foundation of trust so it is best to start it while your dog is still a puppy.

  1. Socialize your dog

Dogs are social animals. It is already ingrained in their instinct to socialize with other people and animals as they are accustomed to living in packs. Meeting and bonding with other dogs can help to boost your dog’s confidence and can even help eliminate anxiety and nervousness when interacting with other dogs.

  1. Pick up after your dog

While on a walk, there is always a possibility for your dog to relieve themselves after a long walk from the park. And being a responsible owner does not only apply to taking care of your dog but also as a responsible citizen.

Make sure to keep doggy bags on whenever you are outside with your furbaby as you cannot always tell when they will do their business. Make sure to pick up their mess in a timely manner and throw it away properly in a garbage bin. Not only that they are unpleasant to see but it also carries germs that can harm other people and animals.

  1. Spay or neuter

For most households, they can only take care of one pet at a time since it is a huge commitment. Additionally, with the growing problem of overpopulation rampant in animal shelters, it is undeniable that pets must undergo spaying and neutering. This will reduce the number of animals that end up in animal shelters, and fewer animals to go through shelter will also mean more chances of them to get adopted and be taken into your loving family!

  1. Shower them with love!

Having a dog will also mean having an extra member of your family. These fur friends have endless love to give you while asking little in return! It is a pet parent’s responsibility to provide tender, loving, care! From giving them shelter and food to showering them with snuggles and belly rubs, there are tons of ways to show your dog how much you love them.

Celebrate Man’s Best Friend on Responsible Dog Ownership Day!

Every third Saturday of September, we celebrate a day to remind pet parents all over the world to make a promise to our furry friends. This observance promotes pet owners to commit to being responsible parents to our furbabies. We have tackled the top ten responsibilities that all pet parents must keep in mind to take care of a healthy, happy dog.

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Dogs will have to travel, whether they need to take a trip to your scheduled veterinary appointment or a family road trip because after all, our dogs are a part of our family. However, most pet parents would agree that it can be stressful for them and their dog if they go on a road trip without the proper seating arrangement.

Dogs are not comfortable when being strapped on a seatbelt and they cannot just sit freely on the backseat as well. We all know how dogs love to stick their heads out of the car window while you’re driving fast and this can have a lot of consequences. Either your dog can fall out the window or floating dust particles can damage their eyes if they are peeking out of a window from a moving vehicle.

The best way to keep your dog safely in place while driving is to offer them a car carrier that can be attached to your car seat, such as the Pet Car Carrier Safety Seat Basket Cationic Grey.

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Dogs and cats are our fur friends but sometimes, with all the fur sticking on the furniture and your clothes, it can get pretty annoying. These furs can also cause allergies that can ruin your day from all the sneezing and runny nose. One way to get rid of these issues is by removing the main cause and here’s how you do it efficiently and quickly, by using this pet hair lint remover!

This lint remover features a durable velvety fabric that picks up any length of fur from any surface. The fabric is surrounded by tiny bristles that point in one direction. When you brush it against the grain, you will feel little spines designed to pick up lint, dander, and furs. The arrow printed on the middle of the brush will tell you which direction to use it to pick up fur more efficiently.

This brush will also give you the sensation of using a natural hair brush, thanks to the ergonomic handle that will never leave a strained hand even after minutes of brushing. It can be used either way since it is equipped with the fur-removing fabric back and forth which also gives you double the duration.

To clean the pet remover brush, simply put it back to the self-cleaning base and it will collect that fur you picked up from your furniture and clothing.

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Cats are finicky when it comes to the area where they “transact their private business” aka peeing and relieving themselves, that’s why having a clean and hygienic cat litter is a non-negotiable for our feline friends. Check out the Cat Litter Mat for your cat’s pleasure!

This cat litter mat is a must-have since we only want the best experience for our cats, even while they are doing their business! When cats step into their litter box, we cannot eliminate the chances that their little toe beans can trap granules that can end up all over your home and furniture. With the help of our high-quality cat litter mat, these pesky granules will be caught before they spread all over your home.

Aside from the fallen litter box granules, even the most well-behaved cat can make a mess while relieving themselves: either they can entirely miss out on the litter box, cough up hairballs, vomit on it or sprint out of the litter box, causing the pesky granules to scatter all over your home. However, if our high-quality cat litter mat is just beside the litter box, these scenarios will never be a problem.

Thanks to its dual-layer composed of a honeycomb-holed top layer and the virtually hidden layer below, it hides the litter scatters from view, which is great for cat parents who want to keep cat’s waste out of sight and out of mind.

Pet All-in-one Scrubber and Sprayer Extra Large

For most horse-owners, it can be daunting to bathe horses since apart from their sheer size, they are also very sensitive with whatever cleaning tool they are using when scrubbing their body. One of the most popular accessories in removing dirt, old hair, and debris from your horse is a curry comb., but sometimes horses get bad experiences from these tools because metal curry combs can be a bit abrasive to their sensitive skin.

To bathe your horse and your large dogs without the fear of future bathing, only use rubber curry combs. For optimal efficiency, use this All-in-one Scrubber and Sprayer that doubles as a curry comb and a water sprayer! It is an innovative equine washer system that will offer gentle and efficient bathing your horsey and doggy alike.

The all-in-one tool lets you simultaneously brush and rinse your horse or large dog. This reduces water usage as well as speeds up bath time which is preferable for you and your pet.

Thanks to the two-stage button mechanism, you can easily change between settings with one hand, leaving your other hand free to pet and calm your doggy or horsey companion. Use the gentle setting when washing sensitive areas such as their face, ears, and private parts. Meanwhile, use the stronger setting for scrubbing other areas and scraping grime from the legs and hooves.

The grooming system allows you to create a convenient bathing station at your own home. It already comes in a set with a garden hose adapter and a 3-foot hose for a quick and simple installation.

5 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys (No Stuffing)

Dogs are naturally curious and will always seek some type of entertainment to get rid of the dreaded boredom. If they aren’t entertained for quite some time, dogs can become bored, lazy, and anxious.

Playing provides vital mental stimulation for your dog by allowing them to utilize and exercise their cognitive and motor skills. To make playtime even more enjoyable and interactive, use different varieties of toys in rotation to avoid them from being bored since dogs are neophiliacs or someone who loves variation and novelty. To offer a wide variety of options for your dog, take a look at these 5-piece squeaky toys!

This variety of squeaky toys includes five animal toys with three squeakers each. The squeaky toys do not contain any stuffing to guarantee durability as dogs will always strive to tear down the toys and reveal the stuffing within. Each squeaky toy is made with multiple stitches to ensure that it won’t tear apart even with your dog’s sharp teeth and strong jaws. This will also ensure that the squeakers become a choking hazard since it is safely hidden in between the tough fabric.

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