In this list, we will be offering mobility aids that can help people with a disability to have a more comfortable day-to-day life. Here are the right devices with each proper use. It is essential that these mobility devices are of high quality and should not slip and slide.
Mobility Aids for Pain, the Disabled and the Elderly

  Wed, Jun 23, 2021 11:37 PM

woman assisted by rollator walker

Mobility aids are devices that help people with disability problems. These mobility aids are specifically designed to help people increase mobility and freedom.

It's for people with disabilities or injuries that need help. People need stability and the confidence to do daily tasks. Pain is a huge factor and the benefits of reduced pain and improvement of mood are really beneficial. Not to mention increased self-esteem. We urge you to get yourself a mobility aid now.

As for elderly people, it's important to get these devices to help and improve mobility. We have a wide variety of products that help with mobility impairment. It is very important that these devices are of high quality and should not slip and slide. Elderly people should avoid bumps and bruises, not to mention falls.

For people with a disability, these mobility aids can help with their struggle. We have provided you with the right device and we assure you that this will help end bruises and pain.

  • Wheelchair
  • Electric Powered Wheel-chair device
  • Step Stool
  • Picker/Reacher Tool
  • Rollator Walker
  • Step Stool
  • Shower Chair
  • Ramp

We can assist you and prevent you from falling with our assistive devices. These devices help keep your body weight off your injured limb, knee, or foot. Check out below as we go through each product and its benefits. We have done the heavy lifting for you as we do understand that you only want the best for your family or yourself.


Wheelchairs assist people suffering testfrom pain or disability. It could be for people who need to take the weight off their leg or it could help with mobility caused by some form of disability.

Most wheelchairs are manual and require physical effort from you or the person pushing you. However, they are electrically powered and you only need to use a joystick which could be another great option.

An alternative to the electric wheelchair is the 4 wheel mobility scooter. This device removes the physical input required on manual wheelchairs.

Common Uses:

Ability to move independently

Support own body weight

Pain relief and prevention of further injury

Types of Wheelchairs

  • Foldable
  • Lightweight Wheelchairs
  • Ergonomic
  • Transport
  • Excursion

Electric Powered Wheel-chair Device

The Tawa four-wheel mobility scooter easily maneuvers over smooth, indoor, and outdoor surfaces such as concrete, pavement, tile, and carpeting with a turning radius of 4.3’.

Safe Maneuverability

Navigate over any smooth surface with comfort and ease with the Tawa four-wheel mobility scooter. Designed to safely support up to 265, the mobility scooter features 8” flat-free, non-marking tires, a maximum speed of 3.7mph, and a driving distance up to 12.4 miles per charge.

Padded Seating

The wide, 15.75” seat and backrest provide comfortable cushioning throughout every ride. The seat is also height adjustable for a customizable fit and rotates to facilitate easy boarding and exiting. The seat is also surrounded by two padded armrests that are adjustable and flip upward for greater convenience when exiting or boarding.

Easy Portability

Quickly disassemble the Tawa mobility scooter into four separate pieces for easy transportation. Featuring a folding tiller and removable seat, each section easily fits in the trunk of standard-size vehicles.

Picker/Reacher Tool

A picker/reacher tool is a device that works as an extension of the arm. These tools help you reach and pick things above your normal reach or at a higher level you are not able to or pick things if you are not able to.

It is basically a long metal pole that has a mechanical claw that you can open and close when you want to pick something up.

This tool is great to use with the stepper tool to provide additional reach for really high objects in the house.

Anti Slip Handle Grip

A comfortable, ergonomic handle with rubber inserts provides an easy and comfortable grip.

Handle Rotating Button

An easy-push button that holds the handle firmly in place. Press and rotate the handle to allow the use of the grabber in a 90-degree position.

90 Degrees Handle Rotation

The handle pivots 90 degrees for different tasks, like heavy lifting (perpendicular) and getting in tight spaces (parallel).

Anti-Slip Claw Rubber Inserts

Rubber inserts on the claw tips, grip the tiniest objects firmly and securely, wet or dry.

Step Stool

This device aids with balance and assists people as a stepper when you need to get things out of reach.

One of its main features is to provide stability and support which reaching a higher level

TAWA Step Stool with Handle IS GREAT FOR:

  • Stepping up to reach high cupboards
  • Stepping up into bed
  • Stepping up into vehicles
  • Stepping into or out of a bathtub

Tawa Specifications

  • 10 by 14.5 by 9 inches
  • Step height 9 inches
  • Recommended weight is 300 pounds
  • Step stool weight is 8.5 pounds
  • Contains latex


This step tool has a high grade and durable rubber base that ensures your safety with this device

Rollator Walker

Rollators have brakes and a metal frame with wheels and a seat to rest on.

These are walkers designed to help you cover more distance.

A rollator requires less stability and balance than a walker.

Furthermore, rollators are for people who have issues with balance but are strong enough to stand on two feet.

This device has a built-in seat and a backrest, If you are in pain and need to rest every couple of minutes this is perfect for you.

What kinds of Rollators are available:

  • Foldable Four Wheel
  • Aluminum Rollator Walker with 10’’ Wheels
  • Ultra Folding Rollator Walker with Wide Seat Red

Shower Chair

Designed for users who value quality, safety, comfort, and convenience. The perfect choice for users and caregivers who require a premium, cost-effective bath and shower chair.

Deluxe Padded Chair

Designed for users who value quality, safety, comfort, and convenience. The perfect choice for users who require a premium, cost-effective bath and shower chair.

Enjoy Bathing Again

Bathing and showering can be a daunting and often dangerous process. Using a shower chair can greatly decrease the risk of slips, trips, and falls – the leading cause of death by injury in people over 65.

For Healthcare Professionals

It is designed by health care professionals and used by institutions all over the country.

Tool-Less Height Adjustment

Allows it to be custom-fitted to any user for optimal safety and comfort. The frame will never rust for years of reliable use.


This foldable wheelchair ramp is made of lightweight aluminum and has a non-slip surface. They are ideal for loading onto porches, curbs, staircase platforms, steps, or minivans, as well as the back of trucks.


The maximum bearing capacity is 600 lbs, and no installation is required, which saves your installation time.

This product has a folding design, occupies a small space, and is easy to store and carry. It has lightweight and durable aluminum construction, a foldable design with a handle for you to transport easily.

The foldable design and lockable safety pins enable it to be safer to transport and store.


This everyday walker helps people get around. People with physical limitations need a device that will increase mobility and stability. It has fixed wheels in the front that measures 5″, along with glide tips that replace rear leg rubber tips for added safety on multiple surfaces.

This TAWA walker plum features strong 1″ aluminum tubing that makes it durable, yet keeps it lightweight for easy use.

It comes in your choice of color to combine fashion, style, and functionality, and its folding mechanism allows you to fold each side independently.

This TAWA Everyday Dual-Release Walker is designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code E0143.

It’s ideal for use in your home, at a convalescent home, health care facility, or another environment.